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Most window feeders are made out of tough, non-yellowish, and crystal clear design that attaches to your window through clear and strong suction cups. This reasonably priced window hummingbird feeder has a bright red crystal color that attracts the birds. The non-obstructive design gives birds enough place to perch and yourself enough space to watch.

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  • These predators often stalk bird feeders for a quick meal.
  • You’ll be able to have a clear view of birds eating albeit one by one while you sip your morning coffee.
  • All in all, this should be placed on your list of choices.
  • If you want to have a small bird feeder that provides not bird seeds but suet cakes, I bet this product will provide you with endless satisfaction.
  • Like the Hydra, one gets defeated and two more appears.
  • Probably one of the most famous birds, cardinals, had been printed in many basketball jerseys throughout the years.

Northern Cardinals live in the northern part of America and Canada. While there has been several migrations to other places, the number of cardinals may not be enough to visit all of best infant car seat the feeders around. Place your cardinal from areas you normally use pesticides or herbicides on. This is especially because some of the most functional cardinal feeders are open feeders.

The plastic make-up of this particular bird feeder is weatherproof and stays crystal clear even during rainy days. It has a removable sliding tray for easier cleaning and refills and drainage holes that keep the seeds dry in the event of rain or snow and prevent the build-up of mold. Its feeding tray is divided which lets you put in 2 types of seeds to attract different bird species.

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I particularly love that the hooks are great for hopper, tube and even nyjer feeders, which are all attractive to smaller types of birds like finches or even junocs. There is also a tray for mealworms and additional hooks for anything else extra. After taping together the bottom edges of three floppy disks comes the most difficult part of the project — dismantling the disks. First, slide off the metal shutter that holds the plastic housing together. Then take apart the housing to remove the magnetic disk and paper ring inside.

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Since 1972, Aspects has manufactured its products in the United States in order to keep the quality high and manufacturing local. The last one I’ll mention from MtnWoodworkingCrafts is this extra large triple feeder. I really liked this one and considered it, but it also has the hinged tops that could prove a bit difficult to refill for someone with an extra tall bird feeder post. The reason mine is so high is that I wanted to have several other feeders below the post mounted feeder, and a bird feeder should be at least 5 feet off the ground. Take care when hanging bird feeders to be sure they are secure, safe, and firmly anchored so they will not fall and break. Add a splash of color to your yard or garden with this suet feeder.

If not, squirrels might come feast on the seeds instead of birds. I believe that it doesn’t only attract woodpeckers but birds within the area that also eat insects. Just don’t forget to refill the window bird feeder to keep the woodpeckers or other birds that eat suet coming. Do you find yourself asking are window bird feeders safe? If you’re just looking to try out a window bird feeder, I recommend trying the Kettle Moraine Window Bird Feeder. It also has comfortable rubber perch for the birds to rest and stay longer.

Mix cleaning solution as directed or, if you are using bleach, mix 1 part chlorine bleach with 9 parts hot water. Bleach will stain clothes so be careful as you mix the bleach and water together. It doesn’t use a chain link to suspend off a bracket this time, but moreso a large metal hook that is supported up the middle. No hook or ring on the end for hanging either, so you’d have to make do, or invest in an hanger to hang off a bracket or branch.

The porch roof helps to keep the seed dry, and the feeder tray has drainage holes in the corners. The feeder is finished with a few simple trim pieces and colored stains to add character to the design. In summary, the Nature Gear XL Window Bird Feeder is an excellent product that will easily let you view the birds feeding inside of it. The plastic material is weatherproof, so you won’t need to worry about its longevity.

Others commented on the overly long hanging string and fragile loop. When filled with thistle seed or a finch seed blend, species like finches, nuthatches, and towhees are almost certain to fly in. Watch them perch comfortably on the unit’s sock, as they would on flowers like asters, zinnias, and coneflowers to eat their seeds. Consider providing seed for these species in the winter, and growing their favorites in your garden during the summer months. Most customers report high levels of satisfaction with this model.

French Vintage Tin Tray with Lallier Moustier’s iconic Paradise Bird. A beautiful retro design from Provence’s famous faïence manufacturer. This compact feeder is too small for large birds to use, making it ideal for attracting finches, sparrows, and more. Sixteen feet is also wide enough to prevent domestic cats from hiding and launching an attack on the birds. Prices vary with the size, design, and material used to make the feeder.

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