About Us

Our Story

Ever since our foundation in 1999, we have been evolving to respond to the world around us. As we look ahead after our journey of more than 20 years into the future, we aim to continue to develop, to meet new challenges, to take advantage of new opportunities and to succeed.


To provide all our clients with chemicals and allied products that are cost efficient as well as effectively serves the purpose, keeping in mind that it’s eco-friendly. We strive in keeping updated with the latest technology and keep investing in them as well as doing continuous Research and Development for our products and processes to bring our clients the best quality products in a cost effective manner.


We are a company that started almost twenty years ago with a vision to develop the Paper industry and Cardboard industry with environment friendly processes and manufacturing of paper & related products by offering quality chemicals cultivated from eco friendly methods and ingredients.

Our Purpose

We combine economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection. Through science and innovation we enable our customers to meet the current and future needs of society. Our unique position as an integrated global chemical company opens up opportunities related to all the upcoming areas of global challenges.

We do this by focusing on four strategic principles:

  • We add value as one company.
  • We innovate to make our customers more successful.
  • We drive sustainable solutions.
  • We form the best team.

To maximize our potential, we will connect our strengths as one company to better use the full range of the competencies that make us unique in our industry. We will explore and open up new growth markets by integrating more closely our R&D expertise, operational excellence, market knowledge and customer relationships. In this way, we will enhance our long-term success and that of our customers by offering sustainable products and solutions.

Our Values

It is crucial that each and every member of the Balaji team understands and lives our corporate values. Our values guide how we interact with society, our partners and each other.

Broadly, explaining our core values in a nutshell :

  • We constantly improve our products, services and solutions.
  • We explore our talents and capabilities.
  • We act responsibly as an integral part of society.
  • We strictly adhere to our compliance standards.
  • We never compromise on safety
  • We turn market needs into customer solutions.

Core Competencies

Balaji Adhesive’s core technologies were cultivated through extensive research activities over the years. The Company’s basic strategy is to deepen the core technologies, further enhance their base technologies, and create high-value added products.

Balaji Adheisve has actively globalized all of its businesses to respond to changes in the global economy and social frameworks. The Company will continue to provide its solutions globally and create new value. In-Depth Global Management :

Balaji Adhesive operates competitive businesses worldwide by combining the optimal technologies, locations, partners and personnel. (Put pictures of exporting countries; Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh)

Balaji Adhesive Group has about 1000 employees working around the world. One of the greatest strengths of the Group is that all employees undertake their day-to-day duties with a sense of mission and loyalty to the company.

Initiatives to Ensure Safety at All Group Workplaces :

Our company aims to achieve zero labor accident across all workplaces by safety measures. Through dialogue with local communities, the Company explains these efforts and tries to deepen mutual understanding on this end.

One of the basic policies of our Corporate Business Plan is to employ, develop and leverage human resources for sustainable growth. We promote human resource policies that enable a healthy and vibrant work environment for diverse individuals in our personnel system underpinned by the basic principles of “development and growth.”

Balaji Adhesive Group’s Sustainability

Balaji Adhesive defines the Ground Rules for Promoting Sustainability as “Contributing to a sustainable society through business while achieving our own sustainable growth.” This has been our stance based on Balaji Adhesive’s Business Philosophy of “Our business must benefit society at large, not just our own interests.” Balaji Adhesive is committed to generate economic value and social value through innovation (Rule 1 of the Ground Rules for Promoting Sustainability). These initiatives are based on continuation of safe and stable operations ,thorough compliance, and the health of our employees.

The Company continues to focus on its day-to-day activities, taking them to a higher level.