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Dispersing agent is used in paper making process as additive to provide uniform stock by separating fiber or particles and to prevent clumping and setting. It is a polymer compound with high molecular weight.

We provide Dispersing Agents which are highly soluble in water and has high viscosity in aqueous solution.


  • Improves evenness, softness and viscosity of the pulp.
  • Improves the strength of the paper.
  • The Dispersing agent also improves the machine speed and increase production. It reduces energy consumption and save pulp beating time.

Balaji Adhesive produces both Ferric and Non Ferric Alum as per the requirement of the paper mills for the Alumina content in the material. Non Ferric Alum is manufactured from aluminium trihydrate whereas ferric alum uses bauxite as the raw material. The product is provided in slabs.


  • Provides better brightness in paper.
  • Used with Rosin.
  • Also used in water purification process & pharmaceutical industry.

Balaji Adhesive introduces the New Age Dry Strength Resin with a solid content of 20%. With the intensive Research and Development, we have developed a product which meets the solutions for increasing the quality of your paper.

It is acrylic based synthetic water soluble polymer which can be extensively used in paper industry for improvement in paper/board strength, process advantages and cost saving in manufacture.

With an appearance of Colourless to White Viscous Liquid, it is compatible with all types of starch, glue, gum or resin.


  • Dry Strength Resin are used in paper mill to increase the strength of paper.
  • It increases the strength of paper by increasing internal bond formation.
  • Dry Strength Resin improve bust strength, tear strength, wax pick values, folding endurance, stiffness, machine runability, increase levels of paper filler uses etc.
  • Dry Strength Resin gives permanency in BF.

Biocides are of utmost importance both technically and economically for the paper industry in the control of the slime formation. Balaji Adhesive provides Biocides as per the requirement and usage in paper making and their functional mechanism. Our industrial biocides are not harmful for the environment and our technology creates a higher value for our customers.

We provide Biocides in accordance of the needs of the customers. Please contact us for the requirements and we will provide you the customized product as per your needs.

Stickies are tacky substances contained in the paper pulp and process water systems of paper machines. The main sources for stickies are recycled paper, waxes, and soft adhesives.

Balaji Adhesive provides comprehensive chemicals which control stickies in the paper making process.


  • Control of Stickies in the Paper Making Process
  • Reduced Ink / Dirt Counts
  • Less downtime of machines and enhances machine efficiency
  • Decreased use of cleaning chemicals
  • Better paper quality

With intensive research and development, Balaji Adhesive introduces ANTI CRACKING CHEMICAL which is used in the Wet End and reduces or eliminates the cracking of paper.

This water soluble polymer increases the elasticity which makes the fiber softer while bending. As excess usage of starch cracks the paper, our Anti Cracking agent reduces the starch consumption and reduces brittleness and cracking


  • Application in the wet end.
  • Reduces or Eliminates the Cracking of Paper.
  • Indirectly helps odor control.

Sizing agents are applied into the paper to impart certain desirable qualities. The main function of sizing agent is to increase the resistance to penetration of water or other liquids into the paper so that the paper is suitable for printing, writing and other purpose. It can be achieved either by using wet-end additives or by applying a suitable coating to the surface of the dried paper.


  • Used in the Machine of Size Press
  • Reduces paper powder and mproves air permeability and surface intensity
  • Improves surface strength
  • Improves printability and water resistance of the paper
  • Reduces dusting tendency & increases paper stiffness

Fixing agents are used to improve retention of internal sizing agents and to enhance sizing degree. They also reduce machine deposits caused from internal sizing agent. They function as both productivity aids and product improvement since they increase speed and increase fines retention

Balaji Adhesive provides optimum quality Fixing Agents for pulp and paper making.


  • Increases retention of fillers, fine, dyes, pigments.
  • Improve drainage rates, leading to increased production.
  • Reduces save-all loads and suspended solids in effluents aiding in pollution abatement.
  • Greater sizing efficiency with rosin, dispersed, or synthetic sizes.
  • Optimum performance from wet and dry strength resins.

Defoamer is used in a pulp mill and a paper mill to reduce foam problems. It tackles both problems with surface foam and entrained or entrapped air. Defoamer also hinders the formation of foam. Overflow of foam in paper manufacturing stock from tanks can result in the loss of solid material.

BR – Defoam is a revolutionary antifoam formulation dedicated for Paper making process (use on Paper Machine). Proprietary formulation based on esters of fatty alcohol alkoxylates.


  • Specialised Antifoam Formulation
  • Control of Foams by reducing Entrained Air Content
  • Eliminates existing foam and prevent the formation of further foam

Oil based & Silicon based specialised defoamers

Deinking is the industrial process of removing printing ink from paperfibers of recycled paper to make deinked pulp.

Pulp made from waste paper is known as recycled pulp. Compared with recycled pulp used in paperboard manufacturing, which is made by removing trash from cardboard waste paper, recycled pulp used in printing paper manufacturing is made from waste paper of items such as newspapers and magazines. The printing ink on the waste paper must be removed in a process that is known as de-inking.

Balaji Adhesive provides the chemicals for De-inking on the waste paper in forms of solid and liquid.


  • Process of removing printing ink from paper fibers.
  • Very low or no residue ink values.
  • Increases the level of brightness.

The pulp and paper industry processes huge quantities of lignocellulosic biomass every year. The technology for pulp manufacture is highly diverse, and numerous opportunities exist for the application of microbial enzymes.

The pulp and paper production technology is highly diverse and provides numerous opportunities for the application of microbial enzymes in processes, such as biopulping, biobleaching, de-inking, pitch removal, fiber grafting, paper coloration, and bioremediation of effluents.

Balaji Adhesive provides various types of Enzymes which suit your needs accordingly.

Optical brightening agents are additives which are used in the paper industries to enhance whitening effects of papers. It gives a fluorescent effect that masks the inherent yellowness of the fiber and enhances the brightness of the paper product. The optical brighteners can be applied in either the wet end or dry end or both end.


  • Delivers bluish to neutral white shade
  • Reduces the yellow colour of the substrate and give a brightened look
  • Available in both liquid and powder forms

Balaji Adhesive provides quality dyes for paper industry in powder and liquid forms. From low toning to dark toning, we provide shades of all our customized needs.

Business Sectors

Balaji Adhesive currently operates businesses in two sectors—Adhesive gums and Paper industry chemicals, and supplies products worldwide that underpin a wide variety of industries and people’s lives.

Please contact us for your requirements and we will be more than happy to serve you.

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